Terms and Conditions


Please review these terms and conditions. Your use of the snapstudios.ca website constitutes your agreement to follow these terms and conditions and to be bound by them. If you do not agree with any of these terms and conditions do not use the website.


The proofs on this website are watermarked and are in a low resolution format for quicker uploading speed. Any proofs that are downloaded or printed will not be as sharp as a full resolution print. High resolution, retouched professional quality prints are available for purchase through this website.

Access to Proofs

All proofs on this website are protected by a username and password. To access your proofs on-line you must enter your e-mail address in the username box and your password in the password box.

Password Security

It is your responsibility to keep your username and password secure. If you share your username and password with others, they will have access to your proofs and will be able to pass along your proofs and your password to others. Image proofs on the internet are electronic communications which can be intercepted, stored and forwarded by others and could be randomly accessed by anyone. Your proofs are stored on a secure server and access is protected by username and password. By having your photos taken by Snap Studios you authorize us to place and retain your proofs on the internet, understanding the nature of the internet and the possibility of random access by hackers or others.

Reminders and Special Offers

By providing your e-mail address to Snap Studios, you agree to allow Snap Studios to send you reminders and special offers.

Permitted Use

Professional portraits are copyright protected. The proofs you view are low resolution and are intended for electronic viewing only. You may order professional, full resolution, retouched prints by clicking on "Order Packages" on our website. Proofs may not be used for any commercial purpose without written approval from Snap Studios. The use of a proof to create goods or services from the image for resale is prohibited. No items may be included with or forwarded to any person or entity with unlawful intent or content. Use must comply with the laws of Ontario and Canada.

Length of Time Proofs Will Be Hosted

Your proofs will be hosted on Snap Studios website for a period of at least one year from the date they are uploaded. High resolution professional quality prints can be ordered during this time. After one year your proofs will be archived. You will still be able to order prints but it will take a little longer for delivery.

Delivery Time For Photo Packages

Photo packages take approximately five to six weeks for delivery from date of download.
NOTE: During high volume times and/or holidays delivery may take longer.

Digital Files

If you purchase your digital files from Snap Studios you are purchasing full resolution, unmarked, unretouched digital files of all of your poses. They come on USB key along with permission to reproduce at the laboratory of your choice. There are no refunds on purchases of digital files.

Sitting Guarantee

If you are not pleased with your proofs, retakes can be done at no charge but you will lose access to your original proofs on-line.
If you wish to maintain access to your original images as well as your retakes you must pay a sitting fee again.

Portrait Package Guarantee

We guarantee your satisfaction or your money will be refunded in full upon the return of the complete original printed package.

Class Composite Disclaimer

Please note that Snap Studios cannot guarantee the use of the composite photograph chosen by each individual due to graphic and composition restraints.