Info And Tips

Snap Studios will be coming to your school soon to take graduation portraits.
These are the photos which will be used to produce the official graduating class composite.
There is a sitting fee which is to be paid to the photographer at the time of the photo session.
Each graduate photographed will be able to view his/her proofs online approximately 3 weeks after the last day of shooting at their school.

Graduates will also have the opportunity to purchase an individual portrait package to suit their needs through this website. 

Review your proofs for pose and expression only. Please note: your proofs are not retouched. Your final printed portrait orders will be retouched for blemishes, colour corrected, density controlled and cropped.

If you require any additional retouching, please call our head office at 905-282-1100


Ladies - a white blouse with a collar is recommended for best results.
A white or black turtleneck is also acceptable. Open necklines are also a great option and look elegant with simple neck jewelry.

Gentlemen - a white shirt & tie are recommended for best results.
A white or black turtleneck is also acceptable.

Ladies - hair groomed, make-up soft and natural.

Gentlemen - hair groomed, beards and/or moustaches trimmed,
& a clean shave (to avoid 5 o'clock shadow).

If your glasses are part of your personality, wear them during the photo session.
Lenses, however, sometimes, do cause glare, distortion & elimination of detail in the eyes.

- remove the lenses from your glasses
- borrow a pair of empty frames from an optician
- consider taking some of your photos without your glasses on

Gowns and Props:
Robes, hoods, caps, flowers and various other props will be provided.