Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Can I Choose The Photo That I Would Like On The Class Composite?

Unfortunately no - because of production deadlines a photo will be chosen for you.

Photos with hats or diplomas will not be used.

How Can I Make A New Appointment If I Missed My Original One?

If you missed your original appointment you must call our office at (905) 282-1100 to have your account re-set.

How Do I Make An Appointment

Register to make an appointment.

Returning Customers click here to login.

How Long Before I can see my proofs on-line?


Your proofs will be placed online approximately 3 weeks after the last day of the photo shoot at your school and can be viewed and purchased through this website.

You will be notified by e-mail when your proofs are ready for viewing.

Is Lip Gloss Recommended?

Lip gloss looks great live but in photos it tends to reflect the lights.

Save additional retouching fees and leave the lip gloss at home. Glitter make-up is also not recommended.

Make-up should be soft and natural.

A matte finish make-up produces better results than a gloss finish make-up.

Is There A Fee For Retouching My Photos?

All orders except images on USB are automatically retouched for facial blemishes only - at no charge.
The USB images are supplied as originally photographed and come with permission to be retouched and reproduced.

Extra retouching is also available.(i.e. fly-away hair, stains on clothing, cuts on hands).

To get an estimate for the cost of additional retouching please contact us or call our office at 905-282-1100.

Is There A Penatly Fee If I Miss My Photo Session?

No, there are no penalty fees if you miss your session. However, if you know in advance that you cannot make it, we would appreciate a cancellation on-line or a call to our office so that we can book somebody else.

What Should I Wear?

Gentlemen - A white collared shirt and tie or turtleneck are recommended for best results.

Ladies - A white collared blouse or turtleneck are recommended for best results.

Open necklines are also a great option and look very elegant with simple neck jewelry.

When Will My Portraits Be Delivered?

Most orders take approximately four to five weeks. Larger print orders which require mounting and duracoating, orders with extra retouching and orders placed during peak times (Christmas, May/June Graduation, Convocations)  tend to take a little longer.

Where Will The Photos Be Taken?

The location of your photo session is provided on a calendar on our appointment scheduling site.